On the Farm with the Chefs

Yesterday we were privileged to have a group of chefs and cooks out to the farm from CBD Provisions and the Joule Hotel Banquets. Everyone got their hands a little dirty with a number of chores.

After taking a short tour of the farm, we harvested mixed summer squash, zucchini and pickling cucumbers.


Wyndom, a cook at CBD Provisions, showing off one of the coq au vin roosters prior to processing.

Everyone took part in our weekly chicken processing as well. From kill, to scalder and de-feathering, evisceration and washing. This activity was important for both the farm as well as the chefs and cooks, because Cartermere is currently supplying CBD Provisions with aged roosters for a special “coq au vin” dish. It’s important for the kitchen to know how the birds are prepared at the farm, as well for us at the farm to understand if there are any aspects in our processing that impact the end result at the restaurant.


Executive Chef Matt Ford at the helm preparing lunch.


CBD Provisions team prepping for lunch.

After the work was completed the chefs and cooks did what they do best. Everyone came together and prepared a wonderful lunch. We had grilled Cartermere grass-fed lamb, mixed potatoes and onions, sauteed summer squash and a spectacular cucumber and heirloom tomato salad.

We also open a few Cartermere Farms’ pickle jars to get the chef’s opinions on this year’s “vintage”, and finished the day with a round of homemade limoncello which we make here at the farm for friends and family.

All and all, a great day at the farm! This is why we love the restaurants with whom we work.

Thank you guys for coming out and experiencing what we do. It was a pleasure to get to know you all better.


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