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Our Favorite Slow Roasted Chicken

We often get asked how we cook our chicken and this is one of our favorite recipes by far – slow roasted whole chicken. It takes a few steps, but most of the prep is not active, but simply time waiting for things to be ready. Patience is the key to exceptional chicken, both raising them and cooking them.


  • 1 Gal Water
  • ½ Cup Kosher Salt
  • ¼ cup Sugar (Molasses is nice as well)
  • Few tablespoons of preferred Spices (we like “Herb du Provence”, but Italian is nice as well)
  • Tablespoon of whole peppercorns

Bring to a quick simmer to dissolve the salt & sugar, let cool to room temp and toss in the defrosted bird (we defrost over a couple of days prior in the frig). Leave in the frig for 24 hrs.


Dry the bird with a paper towel and then rub it down with olive oil. Sprinkle with more spices, some cracked pepper and a small amount of salt (it will have plenty of salt from the brine). We also fill the cavity with split lemon/lime and fresh rosemary if we have any on hand.

Bake low & slow covered for 3 hours at 225-230. After 2 hrs take the bird out and drain off all renderings into a sauce pan. Put the bird back in the oven and finished baking for approximately 1 hour uncovered. Keep an eye out for proper browning.


Simmer the renderings on the stove top to reduce liquid and begin to thicken. Strain the liquid clean and return to pan (to be clear, it’s the liquid you want to keep). Add ¼ cup of honey and continue to simmer a bit, thickening it further. Finished with a knob of butter whisked in and use to glaze the finished bird.